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Jay Langford - Foggy Lunenburg Morning - 24 x 36 Oil on Canvas

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Jay Langford - "Foggy Lunenburg Morning"

24 x 36 Oil on Canvas

About the Artist:


Jay Cameron Langford is a self-taught artist working in watercolour and oil. He is also an accomplished carver.

Jay was born in Ontario, in 1953 and moved to Lunenburg at age 6.where he was constantly in trouble at school for doodling to the point of having his books taken away from him. Favourite haunts as a child were the Lunenburg Shipyards. boat shops and the waterfront in general.

Jay applied to The Nova Scotia School of Art and Design, Halifax, at age 15 and was accepted however, a con flab with his grandfather ”get your hair cut or get out” prompted the young man to hit the road on his own. The next eight years were spent hitching around North America, Central America and the Caribbean making money working in shipyards, on charter and fishing boats and for seven months underground in a northern Ontario gold mine.

On a visit home celebrating his 21st birthday, Jay mistook which floor his motel room was on and landed badly breaking one arm and the other wrist. He asked the doctor to put the casts on in a manner that would allow him to hold a paintbrush in one hand and a beer in the other allowing him to start painting in earnest. The day after the casts came off he went to sea on a scallop dragger to earn money to return west.

Jay returned to Nova Scotia at age 23 to marry. He and his wife had three daughters. He worked at scallop fishing until age 27 then made a successful living painting watercolours and also opened a sign company making hand carved and sand blasted signs, many were also gold leafed and most have lasted through the years and still can be seen in Shelburne County, During that time he also did historic set work for the movie ”The Scarlet Letter”.

     Artist, Jay Longford’s painting on cover the award winning book  of Gerald Hallowell’s.    

Years of being on the sea both in fishing vessels and yachts gave Jay inspiration and fostered his love for painting the sea in its many moods. He won a commission to do a painting for the top seller for Maritime Life in 1983. One of his paintings adorns the cover of Gerald Hallowell’s award winning book ”The August Gales”. Another commission of the Tall Ship Gazela garnered an invitation to sail on her to Boston. In the year 2000 Jay had the first show in Alderney Landing, Dartmouth to coincide with the Tall Ships Festival.

Jay opened his first gallery in The Black Duck in Lunenburg in 1980 and then one in The Morash House Lunenburg. He also showed his art in juried shows at the Lunenburg Art Gallery, Liverpool Art Gallery and Oxford Art Gallery.

His work was sold in Atlantic Art both Halifax and Saint John’s Newfoundland until it closed and then in Zwicker’s Gallery from 1982 to present where his work was presented in a very successful” one artist” show. In the year 2000 Jay had the first show in the new Alderney Landing Art Gallery, Dartmouth to coincide with the Tall Ships Festival. His paintings now hang in many countries, Canada, USA, England, Germany and there is even one in Klosters.Switzerland.

The breakup of his marriage brought Jay back to Lunenburg in 1995 where, while working at the Dory Shop he was asked to be a boat wrangler and stunt double for Timothy Dalton in the movie Salt Water Moose. His co-worker, at the shop, Martha, was asked to be a stunt double for Timothy’s movie daughter and they have been together ever since. They have five children and seven beautiful grandchildren between them.

Jay built many dories and other small boats, some his own design at the shop. one particular favourite ”The Martha Yawl” for actor William O. Campbell. and also taught dory building to many students until retiring in December 2015.

Artist Jay Longford in a row boat.

Martha yawl

When Hollywood actor Billy Campbell needed a tender for his Dory Shop-built schooner, our master builder suggested a dinghy based on the lines of one he had built for himself years before. The result was the extraordinarily handsome, and ambiguously named, Martha yawl (Is the boat named for the schooner Martha Seabury or for Jay’s sweetheart? We’re not telling!). This is a boat with beautiful details, from her wine-glass transom and steam-bent frames all neatly riveted in place, to her slotted gunwale and custom finish. And she rows like a dream!

Jay continued to paint, when time permitted, over the years amassing a number of beautiful oil and watercolour paintings.

A sailor at heart. Jay has done many passages over the years most recently on the 73 foot Herreshoff schooner Mistral which he helped re-build and when time allows participates in the local schooner races. He is now painting full time.

Artist, Jay working on a water colour at his studio gallery on Pelham Street, LUNENBURG, NOVA SCOTIA – [NEWSPAPER CLIPPING] - 1980.


JAY LANGFORD Lived in Lower Rose Bay with his wife and two daughters in 1980.

The photo above shows Jay working on a water colour at his studio gallery on Pelham Street, Lunenburg. The 27-year-old artist just took up painting and public response to his work has been excellent.

Current Location: Private collection
FOB Lunenburg, Nova Scotia  Canada

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